My ceremonies are non-religious blessings and are loosely based on Humanist wedding ceremonies, although elements of a religious origin can be incorporated if desired. I also perform same-sex wedding blessing or commitment ceremonies and vow renewal ceremonies.

The format of the ceremony is similar to that of a traditional ceremony with a welcome and opening words, exchanges of vows and rings and closing words. Readings and music can also be incorporated.

I provide you with a basic ceremony text which can be adapted to suit your needs and wishes. I encourage you to personalize the ceremony – to make it your own. You can write your own vows and choose which music and readings to include.

The beauty of this kind of ceremony is there are no ‘rules’. You can devise a ceremony to suit your individual tastes and wishes and which reflects who you are. I am always on hand to advise and help you arrive at a ceremony that you are totally comfortable with and that is both meaningful and personal to you.

I take my role as a celebrant and the responsibility that goes with it, very seriously but we should also remember that a wedding is a celebration and a touch of humour never goes amiss!